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eclipseMSP monitors all your systems to keep them secure, patched, and more
Our Story

We have over 30 years of experience supporting various size businesses in the service, manufacturing, retail, and financial institution business sectors.

Our Vision

Managing servers, workstations and all the technology devices that need to be tracked, monitored, and updated takes a significant amount of time.  We partner with businesses to provide IT support or assist IT departments to keep technology working and compliant.


We use the best cloud based technology to support our customers.  This allows us to get new customers setup quickly, their devices updated, and provide reports about their infrastructure.  The reports include asset inventories for software, hardware, and overall system health.


How it works

Circle showing progress


A secure connection is setup between our cloud systems and the devices at your organization.  Small footprint agents are installed to each device and a preliminary scan is completed. 

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The report from the preliminary scan is reviewed with the customer and a comprehensive plan is created to meet the customers goals.  Weekly reports show the status of all devices and the work done over the past week.

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